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Despite the fact that our population is growing (9.5 billion by 2050)a, our world is getting smaller and we are more connected than ever. I think our senses play a role in that connectivity. Flavors and fragrances have a beautiful way of blurring the lines between cultures and nations. Food brings people together, it satiates appetites while deconstructing social boundaries and expanding our cultural palettes. Fragrance’s powerful ability to elicit memories allows us to tap into our emotions and thoughts that were at one point sitting on a dusty shelf in our minds.

Nowadays, we’re looking at a digital shelf. Whether you’re swiping, clicking or tapping, chances are your wallet has been involved in those actions. So in an industry that is based on the senses and that’s expected to be worth $57.4 billion by 2025b, how can companies take cues from a consumer who is behind a screen and who is willing to try products outside of their comfort zone? In other words, how can globalization and digitization inspire innovation in F&F?

Blockchain technology, for example, is a digital ledger that tracks the secure movement of goods through the supply chain, eliminating the risk of fraud, while opening new market opportunities in supply and in different regions of the globe. In fact, you can learn more about Blockchain technology and a secure food chain at this year’s Flavorcon.

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We packed this issue with exclusive interviews from the CEOs and company leaders ranked in Leffingwell and Associate’s leaderboard. These F&F leaders share their visions on reaching a global market in an evolving digital landscape (page 24).

I hope you enjoy this issue. Happy learning to you.

With warmth from New York City.

Deniz Ataman
Managing Editor




P&F Magazine Editorial Advisory Board

John Cavallo, Ph.D

Chief Technology Office, Citrus and Allied Essences

Vice President, Global Business Development, Trilogy Essential Ingredients

Dolf DeRovira
President and CEO, Flavor Dynamics, Inc.

Patrick Dunphy
Ph.D, Independent vanilla and flavor consultantt

Matthias Guentert
Independent flavor consultant

Brian M. Lawrence
Natural Products Editor, Perfumer & Flavorist magazine;
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Essential Oil Research

Judith Michalski
Senior flavorist, abelei flavors

Leslie Smith
President, Leslie C. Smith Consulting

Josh Vernoski
Regulatory affairs manager, FONA International, Inc.

Kate Williams

Creative perfumer, SevenScents

John Wright
Independent flavorist and author


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Deniz Ataman, managing editor, Perfumer & Flavorist

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