Fragrance Foundation Partners with

The Fragrance Foundation and announced an online partnership that will help consumers discover more about the world of scent. The Fragrance Foundation website and will link to each other, offering information provided by both resources in each’s unique style and voice.

Mary Ellen Lapsansky, vice president of The Fragrance Foundation, stated, “The partnership was developed to benefit the consumer outreach by both parties. The goal of the Foundation and the goal of osMoz are the same: to raise consumer awareness of all the great pleasures and relevance of wearing fragrance. We are thrilled to partner with osMoz—they deliver fragrance content in such a dynamic, fun way using all the tech tools available today without ever losing sight of the inherent mystery, romance and art form that is fragrance.”

For its part, Marie Desprez, marketing director of, said, “The Fragrance Foundation is such a highly respected authority and reference point on all aspects of fragrance and perfectly balances our own vision to provide consumers with interesting, inter-active fragrance knowledge, insights, information and just about everything in the world of fragrance they are curious to discover.”

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