The emerging fragrance consumer

Decades ago the Vogue reader was like a member of a very special club--you could pick her out in a crowd in New York, Detroit, San Francisco, anywhere. She had a certain look, a style, that represented money, background, or both. Her interests, her way of life--it wasn't called lifestyle then--could easitly be tabulated into a neat set of statistics by even a novice account executive. And that Vogue reader--that member of a special club--was certainly the typical fragrance user of her day. She even had a beautiful cut-glass bottle on her dressing table to prove it. (If she was particularly daring she may even have opened it and dabbed on some scent from time to time--on special occasions, of course.)

Today the Vogue reader is as special as she ever was but she is by no means concerned only with how she looks--although that's a job she takes care of perfectly. She is also concerned about how her community looks and works, and what is happening in her world. She is a busy, active woman, a trend-setter followed by millions (which today sometimes makes it difficult to "pick her out in a crowd"). She is a multi-faceted person, with diverse interests, occupations, and opinions, changing her look--her style--only if and when she decides to change her mind. And just as the Vogue reader of decades ago was a typical fragrance use of her time, so the contemorary Vogue reader is a typical fragrance user of today.

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