IFRA Code of Practice 40th Amendment

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The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) has published the 40th Amendment to the IFRA Code of Practice. The amendment consists of:

  1. Notification letter 
  2. New and revised Standards on: 
    • cinnamic aldehyde 
    • citral (QRA) 
    • eugenol 
    • farnesol (QRA) 
    • trans-2-hexenal 
    • methyl N-methylanthranilate 
    • nootkatone (+ methods of purity determination) 
    • phenylacetaldehyde (QRA) 
    • tea leaf (Camellia sinensis) absolute (QRA)
  3. Addition of Santolina oil to the list of other materials (materials with non-supported use)
  4. Publication of 33 reformatted Standards prohibiting the use of ingredients in fragrance compounds (reformatting of the Standards only, no change to the recommendations)
  5. Additional documents:
    • Revised Index of Standards
    • Revised Annex 1 to the IFRA Standards 
    • Revised List of Other Materials 
    • QRA Informational Booklet

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