Ginkgo Bioworks Creates Ginkgo Technology Network Providing Ecosystem of Technology Partners

Ginkgo Technology Network is said to provide an integrated R&D experience with capabilities from over 25 inaugural partners.
Ginkgo Technology Network is said to provide an integrated R&D experience with capabilities from over 25 inaugural partners.
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On February 28, 2024, Ginkgo Bioworks announced the creation of the Ginkgo Technology Network described as an ecosystem of technology partners, each committed to collaborating with Ginkgo to provide new, integrated capabilities to drive success in customer R&D programs for over 25 inaugural partners.

Jason Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Ginkgo Bioworks shared, "It's time to eliminate the difficult - and importantly, false - choices our customers face when they are deciding how to grow new products with biology. With the Ginkgo Technology Network, our customers don't have to wrestle on their own with the integration of different vendors or, worse, prematurely choose an approach for biological designs or analysis. Our customers give us some of their toughest problems to solve, and we have seen that unbiased and integrated R&D approaches coupled with experimentation at scale is the most powerful approach for biological engineering. Our customers are creating groundbreaking – and in many cases lifesaving – products, and they deserve the best tools available to drive success in those programs. We're proud to put the full force of our automated Foundry behind the technologies that our network partners are bringing to the table."

Anna Marie Wagner, SVP, head of AI and Head of Corporate Development, at Ginkgo Bioworks stated, "Perhaps one of the most unique capabilities that Ginkgo has developed over the years is the ability to integrate many diverse computational and experimental technologies to deliver on complex customer needs at the bleeding edge of innovation across many product classes. There are no silver bullets yet in biological design and making progress will require collaboration. I believe strongly in connecting AI with physical experimentation and so I am excited about the breadth of partners we are bringing on across these areas. It's clear that even the best AI models benefit tremendously from access to relevant labeled data and it's equally clear that experimental designs are dramatically improved with input from AI. I'm grateful to our inaugural network partners for taking this journey with us. The opportunities in biology are too great and the challenges too complex for us to take this journey alone."

Jennifer Wipf, SVP, head of Commercial - Cell Engineering at Ginkgo Bioworks added, "I've never felt more excited by the set of capabilities we are able to offer our customers than I am today. There's nothing more important to me than representing our customer's voice and bringing them better solutions, because I've personally felt the pain of R&D constraints and would have loved to have had an integrated, end-to-end solution like the one we're building. Our mission is to make biology easier to engineer, and that means continuously evolving our platform as new technologies emerge. Between the cutting-edge technologies we've acquired and our new Technology Network committed to changing the paradigm for biotech R&D, our customers don't have to settle for fragmented or sub-scale solutions. I can't wait to hear what our customers will be able to dream up with access to this Network and our full Foundry and Codebase. 15 years in, they know that we're building a platform for them and that we're committed to investing in the capabilities they want and need."

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