Patent Pick: Perfume Patch is the Path to Convenience

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Sweaty and panting, you got a great workout at the gym. You hit the showers, towel off and grab your toiletries. With deodorant and hair gel set, you peel the backing off a patch and apply—wait, perfume? That's the vision behind this patent.

Fragrance and/or scent patch
U.S. Patent 9220664
Publication date: Dec. 29, 2015
Assignee: Surgawi Investments Ltd.

According to these inventors, convenience for applying and re-applying perfume and cologne has been a challenge for consumers. For example, there are limits on liquid transport during air travel. Also, after engaging in intense exercise, re-applying perfume or cologne by spraying or dabbing it can be ineffective because perspiration washes it away.

Various approaches have been taken toward the non-liquid application of perfume or cologne but many lack of efficacy or structural integrity. In view of these deficiencies, the present invention refers to a patch to facilitate the transport, application and emission of fragrances for perfume wearers.

The patch is based on various structural and adhesive layers to provide a manufacturable patch with structural and functional integrity. Further, the material and perfume selection and concentration provide efficient fragrance emission for a predetermined period.

Patent accessed April 29, 2016.

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