California Bio-Monitoring Survey

In 2007 California Governor Schwarznegger signed into law a bio-monitoring program intended to track and evaluate toxic environmental chemicals in California residents. The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has now implemented the program and is requesting residents to complete a survey concerning bio-monitoring. 

The survey asks if certain categories of substances are "Important, Somewhat Important, Not Important, Don't Know." If the response is "Important" or "Somewhat Important" survey respondents are asked to name specific substances. Examples of categories include metals, pesticides and chemicals found in plastics and foods. 

Question 6 of the survey also pertains to "chemicals found in personal care products—for example, cosmetics, nail polish, shampoo." Those who complete the survey are asked to rank the top four categories of concern and if a specific community or group of workers may be exposed to "more pollutants" than the general population. Contact information is requested but not required. 

To review the survey, go to

For more information about the bio-monitoring program go to and click on "Bio-monitoring." (Source: FMA, FEMA)

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