RIFM Database Open to F&F Industry

Beginning in 2008, the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials' (RIFM) Database will be made available to persons, firms or corporations who are not eligible for membership in RIFM or FEMA but are directly engaged in a business in the fragrance or flavor industry. The benefits for RIFM are increased transparency, wider distribution of the safety data and additional revenue to support its research.

In light of REACH, opening the Database to nonmember subscribers will allow them an easy mechanism to retrieve needed data. The RIFM Database can function as a focused literature search on fragrance ingredients in preparation for REACH registration. RIFM has developed a Database Policy with guidelines on how the Database may be used for REACH.

Nonmember subscriptions do not include access to Member Company or RIFM sponsored full study reports. For more information, please contact Christen Sachse-Vasquez, technical manager, at csachse-vasquez@rifm.org.

About the Database

The RIFM Database was established in 1983 and through extensive research, testing and constant monitoring of all scientific literature available, RIFM maintains the Database as the most comprehensive source worldwide of physical-chemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological data, literature and information associated with known fragrance and flavor materials. It currently contains information on more than 5,000 fragrance and flavor materials. There are over 53,000 references containing more than 111,000 human health and environmental studies. Sources of data include RIFM sponsored studies, unpublished member company studies, government reports, and public literature. In addition to human health and environmental studies, the Database contains basic information on each material, such as: CAS numbers, synonyms, structures, molecular formulas and weights, physical properties and material relationships such as isomers and metabolites. Regulatory information such as IFRA Standards, EINECS, TSCA and DSL registrations, C/M/R classifications, OSHA standards, Council of Europe listings, IARC status, FDA GRAS status and California/EPA listings are also included for each material. The Database can be searched by individual materials, by material groups such as structure activity groups, or by keywords. Individual reports or published papers can also be found using the author’s name.

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