Summer’s Eve Releases Latest Scented Products


Feminine care company Summer’sa Eve has introduced its latest innovation with a series of scented feminine care products.

Created to work with a woman’s natural pH, the line of personal care products are used to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and designed to minimize skin irritations. The summer line includes:

  • Simply Summer’s Eve liquid washes. A liquid cleansing wash that is available in either coconut water, cucumber lily or its latest lavender and chamomile scents.
  • Simply Summer’s Eve Lavender + Chamomile. The latest fragrance will also be available in its cleansing cloths.
  • Summer’s Eve Blissful Escapeb. A fruity scent line of individually-wrapped cleansing cloths and washes for on-the-go.

"After testing a variety of fragrances for our most recent launches with our loyal consumers, we noticed a growing trend with millennials being attracted to scents that are inspired by nature and essential oils," said Summer's Eve fragrance development expert, Isabel Ryan. "Through our testing, Lavender + Chamomile rose to the top of the list as a favorite because it was recognizable and offered olfactory delights like a conjured sense of calming and soothing of the body and mind. The red fruit and berry notes found in Blissful Escape signaled freshness and added vibrancy and a playful personality to the fragrance. Both sensations from the new scents were supremely important to our target demographic."


a-b Summer's Eve and Blissful Escape are registered trademarks. 


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