Earthoil India Receives ‘Fair for Life’ Accreditation

Earthoil (Staffordshire, England), a subsidiary of Treatt plc (Bury St. Edmunds, England), has been awarded IMO (Institute for Marketecology) Fair for Life status for its Indian mint growing operation. Of the accreditation, Hugo Bovill, managing director, Treatt plc, said, “This independent accreditation is a significant achievement and demonstrates that Earthoil is a leader in bringing to market organic and fair trade ingredients for use in the cosmetic, flavor and fragrance industries.”

'Fair for Life' is a brand-neutral third party certification program for social accountability and fair trade in agricultural, manufacturing and trading operations. The criteria for this accreditation include guaranteeing good working conditions, respecting core labor rights and ensuring smallholder groups have a fair relationship with farmer organizations (or the contracting company) and the individual farmer.

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