CPL Aromas Announces Ecolabel Fragrance Range

Using its Ecoboost technology, CPL Aromas has created a new fragrance range that qualify to be classified as Ecolabel, a European eco-labeling program that helps promote businesses and services that are kind to the environment. These fragrances are part of an ongoing effort at CPL Aromas to create more products suitable for the Ecolabel.

The Ecoboost technology allows the company’s perfumers to formulate fragrances that are 10 times more concentrated than conventional fragrances and as such do not trigger any labeling requirements. The fragrances created to fit these standards are suitable for household and home care product applications.

Products awarded the Ecolabel carry the flower logo, allowing consumers—including public and private purchasers—to easily identify these products. Additionally, the flower logo helps manufacturers, retailers and service providers gain recognition for good standards while also helping purchasers make knowledgeable choices.

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