[Podcast] The Art and Industry of Niche Fragrances


We hear the words "niche" and "indie" tacked on to fine fragrance quite a bit lately. The niche fine fragrance market has added more than $240 million to the fragrance industry since 2014.

We talk to perfumer Darryl Do of his family's company, Delbia Do, a Bronx New York-based manufacturer of fragrances and flavors and a supplier of essential oils.

So what exactly does it take to succeed in an industry that is so saturated with competition while simultaneously maintaining a unique edge? From understanding regulatory compliance, undergoing formal training to maintaining one's inimitable creativity, creating an indie fragrance is as complex as the industry itself.

So we ask Darryl, what's the niche fragrance industry all about? And how's it growing?

Take a listen!

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