P2 Science CEO Neil Burns Announces Retirement

Neil Burns will transition to an advisory role at the company.
Neil Burns will transition to an advisory role at the company.
courtesy of Neil Burns

On August 1, 2023, P2 Science announced the retirement of Neil Burns, effective September 15, 2023. Burns will transition to an advisory role at the company.

P2’s board of directors has selected co-founder Patrick Foley, Ph.D., as president to lead the company during its search for a CEO. Foley is the lead inventor of P2’s main technology platforms, PIOz (ozonolysis) and PICE (Citropol,).

Burns shared, “I am honored to have led P2 over the last 12 years as the company has grown into a leader in the fields of green chemistry, high- performance cosmetics ingredients, sustainable polymers and more recently the application of AI and Machine Learning to new material design and manufacture.”

He added “I’m particularly proud of the team we have put together and the talented people we have attracted from all over the country to our sites in Woodbridge and Naugatuck, CT. Given the strength of our people, culture and values, the Company is well-positioned to grow and thrive in the years ahead. This transition, provides me the opportunity to pursue a number of personal and professional passions. Of course, as an advisor to P2, I’ll be on hand, as needed, to help the company on its continuing path to success.”

Rob Bettigole, P2’s chairman of the Board, added, “On behalf of P2’s board of directors, I’d like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Neil for leading P2 from a 2-person start-up to a world-renowned green chemistry company. His unstinting efforts as a champion for the company and its mission have propelled P2 to an enviable position in key markets for sustainable materials.”

Foley commented, “Neil has been a leader, mentor, partner and friend over the past 12 years and P2 will be forever indebted to him for his service. We look forward though to his continued guidance as an advisor and to the next big opportunities at P2."

"Those who know Neil know he will continue to contribute to this industry that he loves in exciting and important ways.”

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