Cinquieme Sens Brings "Perfumery Techniques and the Language of Scent" to NYC

Cinquieme Sens has crossed the pond, setting up shop in a Manhattan office to offer olfactive training for industry professionals and fragrance enthusiasts. The courses are custom tailored depending upon audience, but the company, and its partner in the endeavor Orlandi, recently held a two-day course: "Introduction to Perfumery Techniques and the Language of Scent."

The immersive sessions covered everything from raw materials to perfume classification. Key topics include:

  • Odor and Emotion
  • Mechanisms of Physiology of Olfaction
  • Pre- and Post-production of Perfume; Manufacturing Process
  • Legislation
  • Raw Materials: Plant and Animal Sources; Synthetics
  • Composition/Profile of Perfumes
  • Fragrance Families/Descriptive Language

More details here, or contact Laetitia Longuefosse.

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