Glasshouse Fragrance Expands E-Commerce Reach

The Australian fragrance brand is now available on several online stores.
The Australian fragrance brand is now available on several online stores.

Glasshouse Fragrances, an Australian fragrance brand recently introduced to the U.S., has announced its line of premium home and personal fragrances are now available at online retailers, SkinStore and LookFantastic.

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Founded in 2005 by Nicole Eckels, Glasshouse Fragrances also produces a line of personal scents, diffusers, hand creams and body washes. Glasshouse Fragrance products are free from parabens, PEGS and contain no animal by-products, can be considered as vegan friendly and are not tested using animals.

This summer, Glasshouse launched a U.S. e-commerce site, making its products available to the North American marketplace. Their products are also available for purchase on Amazon.

Glasshouse CEO, Nicole Eckels, said, “We continue to follow our strategy of getting Glasshouse Fragrances into the hearts and homes of our beloved consumers. All of us could use a bit of selfcare and pampering right now and, thanks to these partnerships, our exclusive collection is more accessible for customers looking to truly indulge themselves with our fine scents.”

Eckels continued, “It’s an honor to have our products available at these two fine online shops. We can’t think of a better pair of partners with which to grow our Glasshouse Fragrances brand.”

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