Neroli in Perfumery

Although introduced to perfumery in France in the seventeenth century by the Princess of NeroIi, whence it received its name, neroli has not been appreciated as a fragrance per se, as are jasmin, rose, hyacinth and other florals.

As to the identity of this Princess of Neroli, there is conflicting information, one source quoting Anne-Marie de Trémoille, and another naming the Duchess Flavio Orsini, but we will leave this problem to the historians.

Botanical Origin

Neroli oil is obtained from blossoms of different varieties of orange and lemon trees:

Citrus Bigaradia, Risso, var. amara—the bitter orange tree

Citrus Aurantium, Risso, var. dulca—the sweet orange tree

Citrus Limonum, Risso—the lemon tree

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