Fragrance for Today—and Tomorrow?

I feel presumptuous in preparing to talk about fragrances before an audience that's far more expert and experienced than I am in this field. However, during my 37 years with The Procter & Gamble Company, I’ve continually dealt with the development of products for which perfume was one of the critical elements for success.

As one of the largest consumers of these materials, P&G places enormous importance on the use of perfumes and fragrances. Therefore, the testimony that I have to offer comes from clear convictions, backed up by the concrete action of buying tbe products you create, manufacture, sell, test, or regulate.

In the 30 year span from the first to the 10th Congress, there’s been an enormous growth in the use of perfumes for functional products to the point that these products now consume 1.5 billion dollars worth of fragrance materials. This accounts for more than two-thirds of the growth in the fragrance industry over the past three decades, and now represents about 70 percent of the sales.

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