Turkish Rose Oil

The strong and pleasant fragrance attributed to roses has been known to mankind from ancient times. Reference is made in old Chinese and Sanskrit texts to rose fragrance, It is widely believed that the so-called “Rose Oil” mentioned in these ancient texts was prepared by macerating fresh rose flowers in a liquid fixed oil. This technique is still practiced in India as “Attar” manufacture.

According to Hippocrates during the 4th century B.C. “Rosaceum oleum” (Rose oil) was prepared in Anatolia by macerating fresh roses in olive oil. A similar description of rose oil mannufacture was given by Dioscorides (who lived in the 1st century A.D,). To tbe best of my knowledge these are the earliest reports of rose cultivation and its use in Turkey.

History of Rose Oil Industry

Ibni Haldun mentioned the production and use of rose oil and rose water for the first time in his books. He reported that the best quality rose oil was obtained by distillation. The distillate waters were used as rose water which was traded to India and China as an important commodity in the 8th and 9tb centuries.

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