Global Fragrances in Consumer Products: A Complicated Dilemma

Many people in the perfume industry feel that the globalization of fragrances is the way of the future. I think not, offering convenience and cost advantages is certainly a goal of the multi-national corporations. It also offers a useful marketing advantage for global suppliers in their efforts to minimize the competition. However, in my view, a global fragrance strategy for household and/or personal care products will compromise creativity and inhibit marketability.

What is a global fragrance? It is the use of one fragrance in a product available worldwide; the name of the product may differ but the basic functions remain constant, Allowing for adaptations for base variations and level adjustments, the overall fragrance impression is the same.

The World is Getting Smaller

The recent confrontation in the Middle East, energy and environmental concerns, instant satellite commmications and the survival of our planet clearly demonstrate that ecological, strategic and commercial co-existence are interdependent.

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