Thoughts On Aroma Chem Essential cals for Oils and Flavors and Fragrances

The ultimate goal of the flavor and fragrance industry is to improve the quality of life through production and focused application of flavors and fragrances. In order to do this, one must first understand the basic role of smell and taste in life. This means investing in research into the science of smell and taste.

As a next step, our industry must absolutely control the production and application of flavors and fragrances so that they do not pollute the environment. They should not harm forests and animals, They should not adversely affect the workers involved in their production. They should not degrade the neighborhood around their production centers. Perfumes and flavors, after having fulfilled their tasks, should discretely disappear. They should biodegrade and not, through accumulation, annoy people and disturb the ecological equilibrium.

This consolidated approach to improving the quality of life through taste and smell not only targets our clients and the end-users, but addresses everyone involved in the research, creation, supply and production chain, urging all possible respect for an ecological, economical and social equilibrium on a world-wide basis.

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