Investigating New Essential Oils: Rationale, Results and Limitations

Research in new essential oils may provide benefits (missing aroma notes, new sources of isolates, new chiral compounds), but it must reassert its originality and vigor and it must recognize the constraints of economics and regulations.

Rationale for Searching for New Essential Oils

Why is research carried out on essential oils? In the perfume and flavor industry, one might search for a new essential oil for one or more of the following reasons:

l To find new fragrant or aromatic raw materials able to be used as such for their organoleptic properties. l To find new sources of isolates to be used as such or to serve as intermediates in the production of other substances. l To identify new fragrant substances in order to carry out their synthesis, or to prepare structural analogues provided with similar propefiies. l To find new essential oils or isolates with other properties.

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