p-Menthan-7-ol (F-1) is a clear liquid material. It was possibly found in nature in Perilla frutescens and Artemisia asiatica.1 It has a fresh, soft and clean floral odor that recalls the fragrance associated with the white petals and blossoms of many flowers such as magnolia, tuberose and muguet. p-Menthan- 7-ol is applied in herbal flavorings such as tea and harmonizes wonderfully with muguet, lilac, tuberose and jasmine floral as well as citrus notes, particularly bergamot. It combines well with muguet ingredients, often lifting and smoothing the fragrance. Combined with woody materials and methylionone (CAS# 127- 51-5), it diffuses the woody character to the top of the perfume. Small percentages of the material result in floral freshness and large amounts can produce original effects. p-Menthan-7-ol is recommended for use in fine fragrance, personal care and fabric care up to 20%a.

The commercial material is a mixture of cis-p-menthan-7-ol and trans-p-menthan-7-ol (F-2).

The cis isomer is predominant at 60–80%, while the trans isomer is 20–40%.

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