Scent Marketing Boosts Retailer's Sales


Scent marketing company, Air Esscentials, is sponsoring luxury retail event, JCK LUXURY, to create a signature scent for the upscale jewelry retailers which will take place on May 31-June 6, 2016 in Las Vegas.

The signature fragrance, which will scent the event spaces, features bergamot, fresh mint leaves and chamomile. Research has indicated that scent can increase sales by piquing a customer’s interest to return, as well as enhance customer buying choice. The scent created for JCK LUXURY is suited for the upscale luxury of the jewelry event and it is the first time that the scent studies were tried in a real world setting.

"We are excited to release this research which definitively shows how scent marketing boost retailers' sales and improves the overall customer experience, and we are happy to provide a pleasant and profitable buying experience for the LUXURY event's participants" said Spence Levy, President of Air Esscentials.

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