Neo Cologne Launches with Alcohol-free Fragrances

The fragrances range from floral to citrus and fruity.
The fragrances range from floral to citrus and fruity.

Groupe Bogart has announced its newest brand, Neo Cologne, consisting of five alcohol-free intense colognes.

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The fragrances are made of at least 85% natural origin ingredients and the bottle, case and protective film are 100% recyclable. 

The fragrances include:

  • Angelique Cloud, with notes of orange blossom absolute, angelic roots and white musk

  • Lavender Mist, with notes of lavender, clary sage and vanilla

  • Spicy Galanga, with notes of galanga, ginger flower and Virginia cedar

  • Pomelo Glow, with notes of grapfruit, passion fruit and vetiver

  • Dark Matcha, with notes of vergamot, green fig leave and matcha

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