Benigna Parfums Launches Movie Inspired by its Fragrances

Fragrance Collection by Benigna Parfums.
Fragrance Collection by Benigna Parfums.

Benigna Parfums, creator of The Floral Trio, has announced its premier film inspired by its perfumes, set to debut in theaters.

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The movie titled Impossibility Nonexistent, was inspired by the three-year journey to create its perfume collection, with the idea of integrating true-life with fiction. The plot revolves around a female protagonist on a mission to produce the most exquisite perfume ever created but the formula is stolen by her rival.

The Floral Trio Collection includes three of its gender-neutral scents which are presented in diamond-faceted crystal bottles with hand-cut crystal stoppers, adorned with Swarovski crystals circling the 24-karat gold-plated neck. It retails for $1,555. 

Benigna is known to use rare and expensive ingredients, with an ingredient list that includes: Bulgarian rose, ambergris, musk, oud and orris, with many of them being aged from two to five years to produce only two kilos of fragranced oil. 

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