Patent Pick: Customizable Fragrance Blends


Coty Inc. inventors identified an unmet need for fragrances that can be customized by consumers to reflect personal preferences. This was the focus of a recent invention.

New fragrances are sometimes composed of more than 100 individual components. These are built upon the traditional fragrance pyramid comprising a base note, middle note and top note, layering the fragrance in consideration of complexities such as the volatilities of fragrance materials and adherence to skin, among others. 

The Market Need

Since perfumes have become a mass market product, users have sought personalized fragrances unique to their personality, along with the flexibility to change them. Until now, according to Coty, the only approach to achieving this has required access to several different perfumes and users applying them according to their wishes.

These inventors propose a novel approach whereby consumers are presented pre-balanced fragrance blends including top, middle and base notes, and sensorial additive options to enhance them. Furthermore, a dispenser is disclosed from which several customized blends can be created based on the cartridges loaded therein.

The Literature

Fragrance blends and methods for preparation thereof
Publication date: May 14, 2020
Assignee: Coty Inc.

Disclosed in this patent is a method for providing a fragrance blend customized for an individual. Individuals select a beginning fragrance, then are presented with a scent additive choice. They make their selection, and this is added to the first fragrance to yield a final blend customized for the individual.

Thus, the final fragrance includes a first fragrance, pre-balanced with top, middle and base notes; a second fragrance, i.e., the scent additive; and a third and final fragrance blend comprising the two. A multitude of combinations can be created therein, either manually or automatically. In the latter case, an automated perfume dispenser also is described containing fragrance cartridges that can be used by the consumer to create said fragrance combinations.

Furthermore, the effect additive of choice may include particles that impart a tactile sensory experience, e.g., softness, or cool or warm experiences; a conditioner to moisturize skin; or additives for visual effects, such as glittering particles.

In one in-use example provided in the patent, an individual selects the fragrance Philosophy Amazing Grace eau de toilette as the initial fragrance. The individual is offered a scent additive choice chosen from bergamot oil, jasmine extract and lavender oil. The individual selects bergamot oil, which is then dispensed with the Philosophy Amazing Grace in a bottle a provided to the individual.

Patent accessed on June 25, 2020.

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