Steady Progress in China’s Aromatics Industry

China’s perfumery industry is among the nation's fastest growing sectors. Total production of essential oils and aromatic chemicals in 1988 was estimated at 41,430 tons, an increase of 11.9 percent over the previous year, according to the Light Industry Ministry. This compares with output of 22,245 tons in 1980 and 8,571 tons in 1965.

The Chinese factories need to consolidate and bring in foreign technology and management skills to upgrade their production. In Tianjin, a number of perfumeries recently have formed a group named the Tianjin United Flavors and Fragrances Corporation to expand production.

To raise production and improve quality, the country’s leading perfumeries are seeking funds and technology from other countries. The Shanghai Daily-Use Chemicals Corporation teamed up with the U.S. Florasynth Inc. in October 1983 to form the Shanghai COSFRA Ltd. The US side invested just over half the one million yuan (US $270,000) capital. This amount has since been increased to 7 million yuan. In the five years since the company has heen going, output has increased from 2 million yuan to 8 million yuan (US $2.15 million).

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