The dynamics of fragrance marketing

The success of a product is due to many factors. Whether the product is instinctively developed, or devoped around a given set of criteria, the coherence of the complete product concept contributes to that product's success.

One of the major problems we find in our industry is that of communication in regard to fragrance requirements. The other elements that contribute to the total product--packaging, promotion, advertising positioning and distribution--are more clearly defined, while fragrance is always more difficult to tie in. The success of tomorrow's product will depend upon the successful translation of the marketing criteria into the fragrance concept. Naarden has studied the role marketing has played in past fragrance launches as far back as the 1800s and how its role has evolved through the years. We have developed a new presentation around the total product concept in an effort to better ensure the development of fragrances that will be future market successes.

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