Honoring Contributions to Perfumer Societies & Perfumery

The 2014 World Perfumery Congress (WPC) celebrated perfumery and the perfumers, in addition to hosting the first meeting of global perfumery societies, which included the Société Française des Parfumeurs (SFP), Deutsche Gesellschaft der Parfümeure in der SEPAWA (DGP), British Society of Perfumers (BSP) and American Society of Perfumers (ASP).

On the closing day of the conference, the ASP and SFP presented their awards, which recognized achievements in fragrance creation and devotion to service. First, Sylvie Jourdet (president of the SFP; Créassence), Maurice Roucel (SFP; Symrise), and Patrick de Vilmorin (SFP; Firmenich) introduced the winner of the Prix International du Parfumeur Créateur 2014. The award honors perfumers 35 years old and younger, who are encouraged to freely express their creativity.

Designed by Chanel, the trophy symbolized the dedication and perseverance required to create great fragrances, Vilmorin noted, as well as the complexity, richness and uniqueness of fragrance. This year’s winner was Alice Lavenat, junior perfumer with Jean Niel. Her fragrance was selected following two jury reviews, one of which was technical, comprising perfumers and evaluators, and a second, which evaluated the scent submissions on an artistic level “from the point of view of the customer.” All scents were built around bourgeons de cassis (blackcurrant buds) absolute.

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