Bill Gates Says Bye-Bye Stink

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A row of stalls

In an effort to improve sanitation across India and Africa, Bill Gates has decided to fund development of an odor-blocking perfume for toilets.

Preventing Disease and Slow Economic Growth 

In conjunction with Firmenich, this toilet fragrance will help communities that are struggling with sanitation issues. It is said that three billion people do not have access to sufficient waste disposal methods, resulting in a large percent of the waste being dumped untreated. This results in untreated waste seeping into water and food supplies, resulting in many diseases and potential slower economic growth. 

Earlier this year, P&F interviewed Firmenich's chief research officer, Geneviève Berger, and the company's efforts to improve sanitation and hygiene through malodor technologies. Click here to read the interview and to learn more about Bill and Melinda Gates' "Reinvent the Toilet Challenge" initiative.

Geneviève Berger,
Geneviève Berger,
Geneviève Berger,
Geneviève Berger,