La Perla Beauty Launches Signature Fragrance

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The fragrance is vegan, refillable and made from sustainable ingredients. Photo: La Perla Beauty.

La Perla Beauty has launched La Perla Eau de Parfum, its first signature scent.

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La Perla Signature has notes of violet leaves, jasmine and vetiver. 

It is vegan, refillable and made from sustainable ingredients. 

The fragrances are available in three sizes, 30 ml (£57), 50 ml (£83), and 90 ml (£118).

According to the website, perfumer Louise Turner, said, "For me, perfume is an invitation to reflect on beauty. Through this fragrance, I wanted to capture the enigmatic allure of the La Perla woman in a couture scent. I carefully chose each floral note for its bespoke elegance, designing each layer to be uniquely captivating. The result is a scent that's radiant, bold and sensual—like the woman who wears it." 

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