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India's Future Growth

The fast-moving Indian consumer goods industry is valued at more than $26 billion, while the fragrance and flavor industry is close to $260 million. This industry touches the lives of every Indian and therefore has perhaps the widest reach among all industries in the country.

2012 Flavor & Fragrance Leaderboard

Acquisitions, raw material price pressures and an uncertain economy make for a mixed picture

2012 FiFi Winners 166026486

Fragrance excellence takes center stage

Industry Snapshot: All in the Family

IFRA North America's spring dinner highlights the role of family businesses in the fragrance industry

The Continuing Evolution of Terpene Products and Specialties

Renessenz is one of the largest F&F ingredient houses based on natural renewable feedstock and is focusing on innovation and sustainability, particularly in the elimination of impurities and excess waste water.

From Biofuel to Non-GMO Flavor & Fragrance Ingredients

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of and concerned about the use of artificial ingredients in the products they and their families use. Cosmetic and food manufacturing companies are responding to this by accelerating the switch to natural ingredients. Despite strong findings that synthetic ingredients are perfectly safe, consumers are unrelenting in their ever-increasing attention to ingredient lists.

Beyond "Green"

As sustainability has become a buzzword, consumers have grown more aware of issues such as climate change, and so corporations have been compelled to release sustainability reports marking progress toward specific goals. Naturally, cost-management and profitability are also important factors.

Forward Thinking: Sustain to Gain

Sustaina­bility—a blanket term that encompasses responsible use of resources and stewardship of the planet—is a hot topic receiving a lot of attention in the press across multiple industries.

Ana Morales Named Junior Perfumer at Fragrance West

Morales joined the company in 2008 and has since worked as a technician, sample lab supervisor and apprentice perfumer

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