Virginia Dare Offers Protein Masking Flavors Amid Protein Drink Boom

Consumer interest in protein is on the rise, according to Virginia Dare (Brooklyn, NY), which has unveiled Pro-Mask, a new series of protein masking flavors.

The company said consumers have been continuing to change their eating habits over time; They have shifted away from cutting back on fat in foods and reducing carbohydrates.

Innova Market Insights found that actual protein content is highest in the sports drink category. Dairy proteins are the leading source of proteins in sports and weight management drinks, while this is much lower for other protein drinks. Whey protein is the leading protein used in protein drinks for sports and weight management.

Artificial non-nutritive sweeteners have more often been tracked in new protein drinks than natural non-nutritive sweeteners. Chocolate was the most tracked flavor in new ready-to-drink (RTD) protein drinks, in 19% of global NPL. According to the study, 18% of new product launches had berry and summer fruit flavors.The third most popular flavor was vanilla, tracked on 15% of new launches. Within the milk and milk drinks segment, NPLs with a protein claim are sold with a 66% price premium.

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