Compact Cooking Influences McCormick's 2014 Flavor Forecast

The compact cooking trend has influenced McCormick’s flavor forecast for 2014.  

“Cooking in 2014 and beyond is going to be about maximizing the appliances you have on hand, and using ingredients in multipurpose, creative ways to get the big flavors we all crave," said Kevan Vetter, a chef for McCormick Kitchens. 

The trend, which highlights the inventive ways urban home cooks with limited space are still creating bold flavor, has helped cultivate a new kind of cooking—and a thoughtful, efficient way to explore flavors, McCormick revealed in its recent trend forecast which includes: 

  • Savory Steep—Make vegetable “pho,” a comforting noodle soup, with tea broth using a French coffee press. It serves as a base for a vegetable version of Vietnamese pho.
  • Microwavable Desserts—Prepare easy lemon tea-infused custard with candied apricots in individual serving cups in the microwave. The bright flavor from the lemon tea is perfectly complemented by ground ginger and candied apricots.
  • Pressure Cooking 2.0—Cook cajun spiced chicken risotto in a pressure cooker for a creamy dish with just the right bite to the rice; no stirring needed. Or, make corn chowder with smoked tea and chorizo in about 30 minutes.
  • Indoor Grilling—Grill tea-rubbed pork chops seasoned with ground black tea, Chinese five spice and grated orange peel on a panini press for big, grilled flavor any time of the year. A crisp citrus broccoli slaw balances the intense flavor of the pork.
  • One Pot Wonders—Using one pot for Greek spaghetti requires a small amount of water and no draining. Greek mountain tea and oregano build the foundation for a Greek-style sauce with feta cheese and Kalamata olives. 
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