Forward Thinking: Sweet on Vanilla


Vanilla is a tried-and-true flavor and fragrance that connotes warmth and comfort. In flavor, it’s most commonly used in ice cream and confections. In fragrance, it crosses categories including air care, fine fragrance and personal care. According to reports, the current worldwide annual demand for vanilla is 2,200–2,500 tons. The United States is the world’s largest consumer of vanilla, followed by Europe, especially France. Reflecting its mass market appeal, Beverage Industry’s 2012 New Product Development Survey stated that 44% of respondents reported that vanilla was among the top flavors used in 2011. Vanilla led the list of forecasted best-selling flavors for 2012, with 20% of respondents choosing the traditional option.

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Of the companies participating in the Beverage Industry survey, 92% said vanilla is the most popular flavor among their consumers. Vanilla is a classic flavor and continues to be the foundation for new ice cream launches. Breyers Blasts added three new varieties that highlight vanilla as a base. Breyers Golden Oreo Cookies & Cream is made with Golden Oreo cookies, sweet cream and vanilla, while Klondike Krunch features Breyers creamy vanilla with chocolate-covered rice crisps. Banana Split is formulated with vanilla, chocolate chips, strawberry swirl and banana puree. Häagen-Dazs recently introduced Raspberry & Vanilla Milk Chocolate bars and earlier in the year, it unveiled a limited edition Vanilla Bean Espresso ice cream inspired by the Italian vanilla affogato dessert with what it calls “a twist of intense espresso swirled into creamy, rich vanilla ice cream.”

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