First Person: West Meets East

My first article in the January edition of Perfumer & Flavorist magazine was titled "The Chinese Flavor & Fragrance Industry—Local to Global." This article shed light on the infancy of the local industry and its rapid growth, and hypothesized about the potential for global expansion of some Chinese companies. In conclusion, it was not a matter of if a Chinese company would take the next step to become a global player, but rather of when. My article also acknowledged that there were a number of hurdles that need to be overcome before this can happen.

The rise of the global Chinese flavor and fragrance company could come through some combination of organic growth, strategic acquisitions and new investments. As this global expansion unfolds, we can reasonably expect to see more and more Westerners finding themselves working for a Chinese acquirer of their smaller private company or being approached by recruiters looking to hire them to work in business units being set up in different countries. In anticipation, this article attempts to provide some answers to the questions that many people would have about working for a Chinese company.

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