What's Next: 18 Insiders on F&F Trends

To find out where the industry is and where it might be headed, Perfumer & Flavorist polled a number of flavor and fragrance experts for some unique, insightful takes on the future. Not only do our participants reveal key information sources, but they also give us an enlightening glimpse at their various creative processes.

Our range of experts on the flavor side of the industry has a lot to say about methods for identifying, tracking and translating food/fl avor trends. FONA International consumer insight and innovation manager Cara Newkirk and marketing communications associate Susan Booton mention several techniques, including the company’s KID Councila and creative ideas sessions. Of the latter, Newkirk and Booton say, “These sessions utilize a fast, effective process that harnesses creative and analytical thinking quickly, leading to innovative products and applications never considered before. Using tools such as Edward deBono’s Lateral Thinking,b these sessions always lead to fresh, practical and promising concepts. In addition, FONA has developed the Flavor Radar — a flavor-mapping methodology that tracks flavors from being a novel idea to being an everyday pantry staple. FONA’s Flavor Radar provides the perfect balance of current data points from industry-renowned databases combined with in-depth analysis on how a flavor trend is affecting the food industry.”


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