Sensient Predicts Top 10 Beverage Flavors for 2010

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Sensient Flavors (Indianapolis) has announced the top 10 beverage flavor trends for 2010:

  • Baobab, a fruit native to Africa that features a high-antioxidant and vitamin-C content and a tart lemony profile.
  • Caja, a Brazilian fruit with a tropical citrus profile and high carotenoid content.
  • Cape gooseberry, a fruit native to South America, which has a sweet and tangy taste.
  • Elderflower, a fruit found in warmer parts of Europe and North America, which has a lightly sweet flavor.
  • Kumquat, a fruit originating in China that features tastes ranging from sweet to sour to salty.
  • Lulo, a fruit native to South America that has a unique citrus taste.
  • Maqui, a South American fruit that could be the next superfruit phenomenon due to its antioxidant content.
  • Marula, a southern African fruit that has a juicy, tart flavor and a high level of vitamin C.
  • Mora berry, a Colombian fruit that is sweet and tart, with similarities to raspberry and blackberry.
  • Umbu, a Brazilian fruit that has a sweetly aromatic flavor.

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