Anatomy of Proposed Canadian Food Safety Regs

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Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper has announced proposed new measures for toughening the federal governments food, health and consumer product regulations. 

Harper's proposed measures are as follows:

  • "Mandatory product recalls when companies fail to act on legitimate safety concerns"
  • "Making importers responsible for the safety of goods they bring into Canada"
  • "Increasing maximum fines under the Food and Drug Act from $5,000 [Canadian] up to current international standards"
  • "Better safety information for consumers and guidance to industries on building safety throughout their supply chains"

According to the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association, "current international standards" may refer to European Union fines, which can total $1 million. In addition, the Association points out in a recent bulletin that inspections and goods licensing will become more strict. 

A Canadian government notice states, "The Government will begin engaging consumer and industry stakeholders on how best to proceed with the Food and Consumer Safety Action Plan in the New Year.