Patent Pick: New Apricot-Plum Variety


Patent Picks are chosen by the editors from publicly available sources. Today's invention is a novel "Plumgiant II" tree variety combining apricot and plum, whose fruit exhibits good flavor.

Interspecific tree named ‘Plumgiant II’
U.S. Patent PP26033
Publication date: Nov. 3, 2015
Inventors: L.G. Bradford

This patent application relates to an interspecific tree; and more particularly, to a new and distinct variety broadly characterized by a medium size, moderately vigorous, hardy and very productive tree.

Being self-unfruitful, the variety requires cross-pollination from an apricot, plum or interspecific variety. It blooms during the mid to late season and produces a moderate amount of blossoms and pollen to entice strong bee activity and facilitate pollination.

According to the inventor, the fruit produced is large in size, full black in skin color, orange yellow in flesh color, clingstone in type, oblate in shape, and has a very good flavor.

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