EFSA Evaluates Follow-up Studies on Two Flavorings

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), after reviewing a follow up study on two flavorings from group evaluation 204, has found 4-methylpent-3-en-2-one doesn't present a safety concern with respect to genotoxicity.

However, the review panel couldn't conclude on the in vivo genotoxicity of 7-methyl-3-octenone-2. It said more appropriate in vivo genotoxicity tests, considering also first site of contact, should be performed for the substance. 

In addition, the substance 4-methyl-3-hepten-5-one was now identified as a substance for which no representative substances could be identified in the present flavoring group evaluation, resulting in a need for additional data on the genotoxic potential of this flavoring substance. However, the panel noted that the 2-methyl substituted α,β-unsaturated aldehydes in the first review of Flavoring Group Evaluation 201 can be considered as structurally related to 4-methyl-3-hepten-5-one. Thus, the final conclusion on 4-methyl-3-hepten-5-one will be drawn based on the outcome of the evaluation of Flavoring Group Evaluation 201. 

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