Symrise Brings Consumers Close to Source Of Vanilla

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Symrise brings customers and consumers closest to the source of vanilla from Madagascar.

Symrise continues to engage with Madagascan vanilla farming communities daily. The symbiotic relationship between farmers and Symrise results in meaningful relationships, transparency and understanding with more than 7,000 vanilla farmers in 84 villages.

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Symrise works closely with farmers throughout the entire process and goes as far as having in-country facilities such as curing factories and research centers. This presence brings growth and benefits to over 34,000 people in vanilla farming communities.

"We have implemented the sustainable development program in 2012 with the objective of securing supply, in terms of volume as well as quality,” says Alban Bonnet, sustainable development manager in Madagascar. “From the very beginning, we have considered it key to create and maintain a trusting relationship with the farmers. What I love about this approach–I work directly with the farmers without any intermediaries. We move forward together, we improve together.”

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