WILD Introduces New Flavors

WILD Flavors (Erlanger, KY) has introduced a new range of flavors, inspired by exotic vacation locales, for beverages and other applications. The flavors include:

Natural Jamaican Sunrise Type Flavor: A tropical blend of blood orange and banana.

Natural Strawberry Coconut Flavor WONF: A classic blend of fruit and creamy coconut.

Natural Indonesian Bali Burst Type Flavor: Blend of coconut, condensed milk, peanut, Indonesian vanilla, lemongrass, jalapeno pepper, and spices.

Natural Coconut Lime Verbena Type Flavor: Creamy coconut combined with citrus herbal notes.

Natural Passionfruit Lime Mimosa Type Flavor: Tingling champagne bubbles with passionfruit juice notes and a twist of lime.

Natural Cupuaçu Raspberry Type Flavor: A fruit blend combining cupuaçu and raspberry to give a fresh fruity taste.

Natural South Pacific Fijian Delight Type Flavor: A complex blend of coconut, breadfruit, banana, pineapple, sugarcane, vanilla and spices.

Natural Tropical Torch Type Flavor: A combination of dragonfruit, strawberry and a hint of heat.

Natural Mandarino Flavor WONF: The taste of Italian mandarin orange.

Natural Lilikoi Float Type Flavor: A combination of passionfruit (lilikoi) sherbet and lemon lime soda.

N&A Vermont Molasses Flavor: Sweet brown molasses flavor.

Natural Bohemian Sunset Type Flavor: A blend of fresh tomato and red melon.

Natural Red Wine Type Flavor

Natural Indonesian Vanilla Flavor WONF

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