Sweet Solutions: Givaudan Launches Sugar Reduction Approach


Sweet without the added sweeteners – Givaudan launched its latest method to sugar reduced flavors, during an event at the Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal culinary school in Amsterdam hosted by Michelin-starred chef Thomas Buehner and the company.

Developed to meet the global demand for products with fewer sugars, Givaudan's latest method for sugar reduction combines a proprietary sensory language, novel ingredients and the company's expertise in sweetness. Working with renowned chefs, the Givaudan team analyzed dishes that delivered satisfaction in sweetness and other taste attributes. After analysis, the team was able to identify novel natural ingredients and food techniques that can be used to create more impactful, full-bodied flavors.

To better understand the sweetness experience, the company developed the Holistic Language, a proprietary, sensory-profiling methodology. With this profiling technique, Givaudan is able to translate the consumer experience of sweetness to food and beverage applications. Using the methodology, the company demonstrated an orange drink and peach yogurt beverage, both at 50% reduced sugar, during the event.

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“More than ever, North American consumers are searching out ‘better for you’ products. They read labels and look for claims assuring them that the products they select are a healthful choice,” said Ashley Wesley, regional product manager North America for Givaudan. “Sugar reduced products play a prominent role and increasingly, consumers are willing to put sweetness aside in order to bring healthfulness to their diet. We believe that they’ll ultimately find that they don’t miss the sweetness.”

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