A "Natural Solution" to Labeling: Blue Marble Biomaterials Launches Ester Line


In response to an evolving demand of natural products, Blue Marble Biomaterials launches its natural ester line of products, aptly called "Natural Solutions." The esters, produced at the company's Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2-certified bio-refinery, meet the U.S. and European Union definitions of natural labeling. Along with being non-GMO, each ester is also kosher and meets food grade regulations.

Delivering Natural

In response to the scarcity of natural labeled esters in the industry, the company has launched fourteen esters in the "Natural Solutions" line. The research and development of these natural esters were long and costly, yet transparency was the motivation behind the production.

James Stephens, Co-CEO and chief science officer of Blue Marble Biomaterials said, "Our goal is to keep material change costs as low as possible for our customers and as we increase the portfolio and production capacity of this line, we strive to make them cost competitive to their petroleum derived/synthetic counterparts." He added, "This is the beginning of a series of exciting technological launches for Blue Marble Biomaterials, delivering innovative solutions and monumental changes to the food, beverage and personal care industries."

An Alternative to Petroleum

How does it work? The process utilizes a polyculture fermentation system from plant material and organized bacterial ecosystems to produce complex chemicals. Beginning with biomass like food co-products, spent brewery grain, spent tea and coffee, algae and wood chips, these compounds are then refined using green chemistry. The end result produces carboxylic acids, esters, thioesters and thiols/mercaptans, which also happen to be a cost competitive alternative to petroleum.

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