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Successful Flavors

Edited by Gerard Mosciano

Hardcover, 240 pages

Published 2006

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Learn the craft straight from the leaders in the field! Written by some of the most respected flavorists working today, Successful Flavors, edited by Gerard Mosciano, covers a broad, detailed range of flavor creation and topics for novices and experts alike, including savory (meat), mint, confectionary and natural flavors, in addition to quality control and others.

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This publication describes flavour creation, sensory and instrumental analysis and the applications of flavour chemistry in various sectors of the food industry. It is aimed at both novices and flavour experts, and is divided into an introduction and 10 chapters with the following subject headings: The role of organoleptic descriptive analysis in the training of creative flavorist (pp. 25-49); Flavor extraction and instrumental analysis (pp.51-59); Quality in the flavor industry (pp. 61-83); Flavor applications (pp. 85-108); Ruminations on some dairy flavors (pp. 109-117); Practical meat flavor creation (p. 119-166, 11 ref.); Vanilla – fruit of the orchid (pp. 167-180); Mint flavors technology (pp. 181-194); Flavoring confections (pp. 195-205); and the use of natural ingredients in creating natural flavors (pp. 207-240, 4 ref.).

Section: Additives, spices and condiments


—International Food Information Service (IFIS), Volume 38 (12) 2006  

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