Black Perigord Truffle Aromatizes: Recent Developments

Black Perigord truffles (Tuber Melanosporum) are underground mushrooms that grow in harmony with certain trees, especially oaks. They are found in several regions of Europe, particularly in Spain, Italy and France. The black truffle is highly valued by gourmets for its typical flavor, to the extent of being called “The Black Diamond of French Cuisine.” The truflle grows underground, and is found traditionally by using pigs which can smell them.

Since the beginning of the century, the production of truffles has decreased in spite of efforts to increase this very valuable crop. Scientists have studied biology, ecology, and biochemistry of the black truflle. Its mode of development is now better known and few innovations have appeared, e.g. specific fertilizer or new cultural techniques. But nevertheless, the present production remains low and the black Perigord trufIle is very expensive; consequently its use in cookery tends to decrease.

Ussge In Food Industry

The food industry, particularly processed meat products, traditionally uses truflles to flavor its products. In France, the term “truffled may only be used when black truffles, exclusively Tuber Melanosporum, are added to the meat in a range from three to five percent. But because of its high cost, the truffle is used in only very small quantities (l%), and more often substituted by natural or artificial imitations.

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