Leaf Alcohol

Leaf alcohol holds a special position in the field of aroma chemicals. Its importance is due to its unique natural green qualities, although its volume of consumption places it in the area of a specialty material.

Leaf alcohol and its derivatives are a symbol of the “green revolution in flavors and fragrances that developed in our industry during the 1960’s.” Its commercial introduction changed the nature of flavors and fragrances and resulted in the wide spread use of n-hexenyl based materials, Today, more than 40 structurally related aroma chemicals are being utilized in our industry and all at relatively low formula percentages.

Most intriguing is the nature of the organoleptic impression of these materials, whether the derivative is a simple ester of Ieaf alcohol or a more intricate derivative such as the isomeric primary alcohols, aldehydes or related acids and their esters. They all display the same family trait--distinct green effect when compared to their saturated analogues. The saturated analogues tend to fatty notes, and the acetylenic precursors display a dry, hay-chemical note.

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