New Sensations in Oral Care


The global oral care market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.18% through 2018, according to an analysis from Research and Markets, driven by emerging technologies, upscale offerings and, most significantly, new adopters in emerging middle classes around the world. Estimates vary, but Statistica sources place the global oral care market size at $34.8 billion in 2015, with a projected value of $40.3 billion by 2021.

The largest oral care markets in 2014 were the United States, China, Germany, Brazil and the United Kingdom, according to Mintel. Mintel estimates that the U.S. oral care market is valued at $7.2 billion. Future growth will be driven by new product innovations, portable offerings and children’s oral care. On the other hand, China had a notably low per capita oral care spend in 2014, totaling just $2.70, while the Brazilian market was driven by claims of cavity prevention and fresh breath. The fastest-growing markets over the last five years were based in Asia, notably Vietnam, India and Malaysia. In India in particular, brands are delivering added benefits in their products, including whiteners, gum care and acid neutralizers, according to a Mintel analysis.

Sensory Innovations

P&F recently spoke with Mike Munroe, vice president of the global Mint and Sensatesa group at Takasago International Corporation. His group focuses on natural and synthetic mint compounds, flavors and ingredients, as well as Sensatesa, sensory ingredients that impart chemesthetic effects in consumer product applications, including cooling, warming and tingling. (These materials are applied primarily in oral care and OTC pharma, but also find use in confectionery, personal care [skin care], sexual health and, to some extent, beverages.)

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