The Continuing Evolution of Terpene Products and Specialties

“The growth in ingredients from natural renewable feedstocks is exciting,” says Theodore Butz, president and CEO of Renessenz parent company, Pinova Holdings. “Feedstock volatility is a big issue for many F&F players and we are actively developing solutions that reduce this volatility while still in a renewable form.” With feedstocks coming from byproducts of other industries including citrus processing and paper production, terpene producers are in a good position to address these concerns.

“More than 90% of the sales in our company are based on renewable materials,” says Butz. “Sustainability is growing by leaps and bounds. We have a lot of customers who are very demanding in this area, and we’re setting a lot of our agenda on helping them.”

A Changing Terpene Business

Renessenz’s history stretches back 101 years to the foundation of Standard Turpentine Co., which then focused on the naval stores industry. Subsequently the company operated under a number of names, including SCMGlidden, Millennium Chemicals and LyondellBasell until it was acquired by Torquest and placed under Pinova Holdings, a sister company to Pinova Inc. Renessenz is one of the largest F&F ingredient houses based on natural renewable feedstock and is focusing on innovation and sustainability, particularly in the elimination of impurities and excess waste water.

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